What Items You Shouldn’t Move Long Distance?

Dedicating time to carefully plan your move, especially when it is over a long distance, will help you avoid unnecessary difficulties during the move. You may be able to get away with rushing through a move across town or to a nearby city, but the long distance adds another dimension which you need to plan for accordingly.

This begins with creating a list of all your possessions you should take, and more importantly, all the objects you should not move long distance. The first part is discarding any unnecessary things you own. The more items that you bring with you over a long distance, the more money you will have to spend to get them there. So go through your possessions and donate, sell, or throw away all those things that you no longer use or need and have just been sitting in the basement or stuffed away in a closet.

No Perishable Items

Any perishable items, including food and liquids, should also not be moved over a long distance. Most moving companies won’t even allow these types of items as they will spoil or pose the risk of unnecessary messes during the move. These items could break in such a way that they damage your more valuable possessions that are packed next to them. Similarly, do not pack anything that is flammable, corrosive, explosive, or anything else hazardous. You can always re-purchase these things after the move, so save yourself the danger and leave them behind.

Finally, the major things you should not move long distance are many pieces of furniture which can be bulky and hard to efficiently pack. Assess all your furniture and decide whether you truly need to bring it to a new home. It will waste a large amount of space for a long distance move, driving up the overall cost of moving. You could sell or donate this furniture and easily buy replacements once you arrive at your new home. Deciding what to discard and leave behind is a difficult decision, but packing only necessities can greatly reduce the cost of moving and make the overall process run much more smoothly. Contact us for a free moving quote.