Settling In After Relocation

Moving & Relocation –

It’s a great experience moving into a new home or office. You’re excited, but there’s lots of work to do. It’s best to settle in as soon as possible, but where to start is the challenge. Here are some ways to get you through this task with ease.

Make a To-Do List

Do not try to commit things to memory. Write them down! Make a to-do list of all the things you need to do. Keep this list on hand so you can always jot down anything you remember.

Change All Locks

For your own safety, hire a locksmith to change all locks. You can replace all locks before, or as soon as you move in. Consider installing a security system as well.

Address Change

Remember to inform all necessary organizations about your address change. You can update these businesses, e.g., banks, before relocating.


It’s challenging to move into a new location without electricity, heat, and water. So, contact the utility companies at least one week before you move in.


The Internet is necessary for almost everything. You’ll need to find a provider. Search for the best in your area to install your internet as soon as possible.


Moving is a tiring experience, and the thought of unpacking can be stressful. No need to panic! You can invite friends and family members to assist, and there’s also the option of hiring a company to unpack stuff for you.

Arranging Items

While unloading, have the movers place all articles in their specific rooms. You may not have the man-power to move items to another room, and this will also make unpacking easier.


Becoming familiar with the new area and people can be challenging, but it’s part of settling in. Be open to this new adventure. Moving Lane will make your long-distance moving experience stress-free. Contact us, we’re here to help!