How Far in Advance Should You Schedule Movers?

When to book a moving company is one of the most common questions during the beginning stages of a move. The answer to this question will vary slightly depending on where you live and when you’re moving, but the general answer is that you should begin trying to hire a company right away once you have decided to move. This will allow you the flexibility you need to create a successful moving environment and not end up rushing a move and causing extra stress.

If you’re planning on moving during the summer months, especially in areas where the winter season makes moving downright dreadful, you will want to begin even sooner. Summertime is easily the most popular time to move, so moving companies often end up booked solid.

Save On The Hassle

To save on the hassle of calling between companies, struggling to find an open date for one of them to move you, begin this process at least a month before your expected move date. Even this is a cutting it close. You should really begin contacting moving companies and booking them two to three months before the move.

The best moving companies often are booked solid for a month or so in advance. So even during the dreary months of early spring, late fall, and all winter, make sure you’re calling well in advance. If you want the best movers handling your things, which you really do when it comes to your possessions, this two to three month buffer will allow you the best chance to book them.

Scheduling your moving company well in advance is something that you will thank yourself for later. Even if you don’t think it’s necessary to begin this process so long before the actual move, you will soon realize that this time flies by and then you’re left rushing to hire over-booked companies. So save yourself this hassle and extra stress and play it safe by always scheduling a moving company at least two months before your move date. Contact us for a free quote now.