Prohibited Items and Reasons Why Movers Do Not Move Them

You’ve decided to relocate and have already contacted a moving company. However, not all of your stuff can be moved by the company. Here are some reasons why certain items are forbidden.

Hazardous Material

Hazardous items can be considered either corrosive, flammable or explosive. Your gas tanks, car batteries and aerosols are at the top of the list. These, along with fertilizers and other items, are flammable and can explode under the right conditions. Your household items like cleaning solvents, bleach, paint thinner, lamp oil, and matches have been known to cause damage to the other items, personnel or moving vehicles.

Perishable Items

If you transport perishable items, they can decay while in transit. They may even give off a bad scent and encourage molds. Whether your food is fresh or frozen, spoilage may occur. Can you imagine the state of your food when it arrives? Prepare for a flood of insects and a heap of mess! You will be much safer transporting canned foods but ask your moving company first.

Personal Items

When it comes to your valuables, consider packing them yourself. These will include your antiques, jewelry, electronic equipment, and other important documents. And instead of putting them in the moving vehicle, you’ll probably want to take them on the trip with you. Also, you should keep your laptop, cash, and keys with you at all times.


Professional movers are not allowed to transport pets. Make sure you secure your dogs, cats, birds and other pets in secure cages. Reduce stress on your animals by transporting them yourself. Let them see a friendly face or hear a familiar voice. If your pet seems very stressed, you may need to administer a tranquilizer to keep it calm and comfortable.

Make sure you read your contract carefully. Look for the fine print and secure your items safely. Feel free to give us a call or message us for more information on prohibited items.