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Piano Movers

At Moving Lane we want to give your piano the utmost care during its relocation. Our professional piano moving service is carried out by a specialized and experienced team proven throughout the years.


What’s the Process?


The process starts with you calling our experts to arrange a visit to the instrument’s current and future location to identify in advance all the technical requisites to move the piano. Once it’s done, our team will draw a plan to carry out the move. Then, your piano is going to be properly strapped to prevent opening during the process. Movers might need sliders or specialized equipment to lift it through the air. Whatever the case is, you can trust Moving Lane to handle it!


Why Should You Hire Piano Movers?


Actually you shouldn’t hire just any regular moving company, but an expert piano mover’s company like Moving Lane. This is a job only professionals can complete successfully.


It takes years to develop a professional technique. We learn from every job we do and that is how we become experts. To move a piano, it is necessary to have several white glove movers, synchronized and trained to do it smoothly. They also need the appropriate equipment and the expertise to know what to do in every situation.

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Why You Should Hire Moving Lane

Moving Lane is one of the top moving companies in South Florida. Having moved many types of pianos during the years, our experience includes concert grand pianos, electric upright pianos, baby grand pianos, and more.


You should hire an expert moving service because there is no other way to safely relocate this beautiful, delicate, and heavy musical instrument. If you decide to hire us, you won’t have to worry about your piano getting scratched or damaged. It will be in our expert’s hands and you won’t even notice that it went through a moving process. Contact us today and become our next satisfied client.

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