Packing & Moving Services in Miami

Moving day is a frenzy of hectic activity as you try to pull all the pieces together and complete the move. This can lead to major problems if you don’t pre-organize a list of essentials to not pack when moving. The stress and flurry of moving can often lead to forgetting to set aside the necessary things you will need during the move.

So create a list of the things you can’t be without during the move. You don’t want to complete the move and then frantically sort through dozens of boxes, trying to find something important. Personalize your list for your specific needs, but make sure you cover a few general categories of items to pack and not to pack.


Keep out chargers for your devices as you don’t want to be left without a phone on the day of a move. Likewise, keep at least one change of clothes out for each family member. If you are physically doing the moving yourself, you will want to change clothes, which becomes a problem when you have packed them all away. Even if you hire a professional moving company, you will want easy access to at least one change of clothes once you reach your new home.


You will also want to keep your toiletries and any necessary medication handy. Things like a child’s favorite toy also help the move run much more smoothly as you don’t want to have to dig through boxes to find it when your young child wants it. You should also keep your cash, checkbook, credit cards, keys, and any important documents nearby. These items can easily be lost during a move, so make sure you don’t pack them away and always know where they are.

Accidentally packing away an item that will either be necessary during the move or that will make the process run smoothly will only place unneeded stress upon you. Prepare for this and set aside all the things you might need while moving to make sure you don’t find yourself unpacking and searching through endless boxes on the day of the move. Contact us for help with your next move.