Packing Delicate Items For Long-Distance Moves

Packing For Long-Distance Moves –

When moving, the things you pack need specific attention. One challenge that most people face is packing delicate items. Below you’ll find several ways to secure your most precious items against damages.

There are a lot of ways to protect your fragile items. All you need are the right materials and skills to secure your things. Let’s explore a few ways to package delicate articles.

Packing Supplies

It would help if you had lots of packing paper and bubble wrap. The bubble wrap and packing paper are to wrap and keep your delicate items sturdy. You can also use towels, t-shirts, and blankets if you don’t have bubble wrap. You will also need packing peanuts and packing or duct tape.

Packing Plates, Drinking Glasses, and Chinaware

Before placing these items into boxes, wrap each piece in bubble wrap. Next, stuff packing paper in the empty spaces to keep the articles sturdy.


It’s good to keep the packaging for these items after purchasing them. The packaging comes in handy when relocation is necessary. All you need to do is place them back into their specific packaging and boxes. If you do not have the original packaging, that’s okay.

Buy suitable box sizes for the items. Next, wrap the articles in bubble wrap and secure them in the boxes. Remember to use packing paper to keep the electronics sturdy.

Add Precaution

Place unique labels on boxes with fragile items. For example, write “Fragile, handle with caution,” on the boxes. A label will guarantee extra care for your delicate items.


Always use sturdy boxes for delicate articles. It’s best to buy new boxes. An old box may not be suitable depending on the weight of the items. Feel free to contact us at Moving Lane. We have the expertise to secure and transport your precious items.