How to Know if a Moving Company is Legitimate

Legitimate Moving Services –

Deciding to move to another location is a major milestone in your life. So it is important you choose a reputable moving company to help. However, not all moving companies are legitimate. The following scenarios can help guide your choice.

  • You identify a moving company via its website. But you realize that it doesn’t provide pertinent information like its local address, insurances and policies and procedures.
  • You call the telephone number on the website but the representative doesn’t answer using the company’s name. Instead, the representative answers with a generic name like “Moving Company”.
  • You get in touch with a representative from the moving company and request a quotation. The representative chooses only to give you an estimate over the phone. Although you request a written quote, you are told: “Don’t worry about it, we will charge you after loading the items”.
  • The company does not allow you to submit a video of the items you wish to transport. Or, it hesitates to do an on-site inspection so you can get a more accurate estimate.
  • You realize the warehouse and offices are in poor condition.
  • You ask the representative to see the transport vehicles. However, every time you ask, the representative tells you that the vehicles are out on jobs or to call back another day. Sometimes transport vehicles are pictured on their website with proper facilities, shelving, and cold storage spaces. But what you see is not always what you’ll get.

Before you choose a moving company, do your research. Get referrals from family and friends to help you select a trustworthy and reliable moving company.

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