Will Movers Move Dressers With Clothes in Them?

A frequently asked question regarding the moving process is whether moving companies will transport dressers that still have clothes in them. These dressers can be bulky and heavy, giving even professional moving companies a difficult time safely transporting them.

Dressers provide already built and easy storage for moving, though, as you don’t need to mess around with transferring your clothes to boxes for the move just to put them back into the dresser on arrival. If the clothes are removed, the dresser also becomes wasted space during a move. So if you can safely keep your clothes in your dresser while moving, do it. It will cut down on your moving time while also using all the available space contained within the dresser.

Is The Dresser Sturdy Enough?

Moving companies will be happy to move dressers with clothes in them if this doesn’t make the dresser to heavy or unsafe for them to move. If the dresser is light enough while still being sturdy enough to move while packed full of clothes, then you should keep them filled and save space. If the dresser is already very heavy and keeping the weight of the clothes would make it dangerous to carry, then you should remove the clothes. Likewise, if the dresser is an aged antique or no longer structurally sound, the extra weight could damage the dresser itself or injure one of the movers.

If the dresser is too heavy to move with clothes in it, then you could remove the still full drawers and have the movers carry them separately from the dresser itself. This will create a much safer moving environment as the dresser will be much lighter. You will also still save on space by replacing the full drawers once the dresser is placed within the moving truck.

Ask Your Moving Company

To be certain whether you should remove clothes from a dresser or not, you can always check with the moving company to see what they want you to do. Whichever way you go, though, always make sure to safely secure the drawers so that they don’t slide out and become damaged or injure someone during the moving process. Contact us now for a free moving quote in Miami.