Move Out Your Bed in 5 Easy Steps

You have packed all your other items. Now it is time to pack and move your bed. While moving a mattress and bed frame may sound difficult, it really isn’t.  You can do it in a snap if you take the following steps:

Step 1: Purchase a mattress cover and bag. Use a screwdriver and wrench to dismantle the bed frame. Put all the screws and bolts in a shoebox and label it. Make sure to include the tools in the shoebox since you will need them to re-assemble the bed.

Step 2: Put the mattress in the cover and package it in the bag. Number the pieces from the bed frame and stack them in numerical order. Take pieces of string to tie the pieces together so they don’t get misplaced or mixed up.

Step 3: Clear your exit path. Move furniture and objects on the floor that may be in the way. Keep the bedroom and exit doors open to make it easier to remove the bed. Also, you should make sure there is enough space in the moving vehicle. Ensure that the heavier items are to the back of the vehicle.

Step 4: Get help from a friend or family member to move your mattress and bed frame parts to the moving truck. Load and safeguard the mattress with moving clasps. Ensure all the parts of the bed frame and the shoebox are secure in the truck.

When moving large items, it is always wise to ask for assistance. Doing it yourself could take longer and you will need extra hands to help you. At Moving Lane, we can be those extra hands. We will pack, transport and unpack your valuable items for you. Having the right tools can make moving very easy. So give us a call today or message us and let’s get the job done.