Mobile and Portable Storage Services

Mobile and Portable Storage

Do you need additional options for storage? Moving Lane has got you covered! We offer both mobile and portable storage services to all our customers who need extra space for their stuff. Here at Moving Lane, we have a variety of unit lengths, both mobile and portable, to fit your various storage requirements.


Mobile Storage


A mobile storage unit resembles a metal crate. With mobile storage services, you don’t need to drive anywhere. We come to your home or office and bring the mobile storage unit with us! After you’re finished packing, we take the mobile unit to a safe storage facility so you don’t have to worry and save time. You’ll have the key, and you can also visit your storage unit anytime you want.


Your belongings are completely safe with us and you can decide whether you want us to keep them for a short while or longer. If you are moving to another city or even country, we can transport the mobile storage with your belongings all the way to your new address.


Using mobile storage services is quite handy when you’re doing a home renovation because you can place all the furniture in the storage unit while your house is being renovated. They’re also very useful when moving.

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Why You Should Hire Moving Lane

Portable storage units are sturdy containers used as on-site storage. They are used for temporary storage purposes mostly, but can be used for other reasons as well. If you need extra space to store something, you can order a portable storage unit and keep it in front of your home or office for as long as you need it. You’ll have the key to the storage unit, and no one else.


If you don’t want to keep your things at a storage facility or you simply need to keep them close to your home or office, then portable storage units are the perfect solutions. This means that you can access your belongings whenever you need because the storage unit will be right there. We have portable storage units of varying sizes, depending on your storage needs.


Professional Services


Moving Lane is a professional moving company that specializes in helping you handle your belongings safely and efficiently. Whether it’s moving to a different city, pickup and delivery, loading and unloading, or mobile and portable storage services, we do it all. Do you need help moving or storing your belongings? Contact us today!

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