Heavy Haul Moving & Shipping

Heavy Hauling Services

Moving your construction, medical or other types of heavy equipment is a big project and it’s often stressful too. You want the equipment to be safely and quickly transported to the new location without any damages.


That is why this serious job is for serious moving professionals. Moving Lane, in Miami, has been providing various moving services for over 20 years and we have handled countless moving projects so far. We take pride in having such great customer satisfaction ratings.


Whatever it is you need to be relocated, you can trust that we have the experience and the skills to handle moving your equipment quickly and efficiently.

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Heavy Equipment Moving

We can move any equipment at your request, regardless of your industry. Some of the types of equipment we have moved over the years include the following:

  • Medical equipment (such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc.)
  • Construction equipment (excavators, cranes, bulldozers, etc.)
  • Transportation equipment (trolley, school buses, railway cars, etc)
  • Agricultural equipment such as tractors, ballers, mowers, and other farming machinery
  • Industrial equipment
  • Spare Yourself The Stress

When you hire us, you spare yourself the stress associated with moving, especially when such voluminous cargo is in question. We’ll handle everything for you. Equipment relocation requires careful consideration of numerous factors. It’s not merely transporting things from point A to point B, and this is why we’re so good at our job.


Before we haul your heavy equipment, our team of experienced movers will first devise a detailed plan on how to safely move the valuable cargo from one place to the other. This includes deciding whether it’s best to divide the equipment into smaller shipments or move everything at once.

Smooth Moving Process

We plan the route and every other aspect of equipment relocation including administrative services to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our goal is to safely and efficiently transport your equipment (short or long distances) so that you can quickly resume your business plans. It is our attention to detail and the excellent service that has kept us going on for so long in this business.


Most importantly, we relocate your equipment on your terms. We understand and respect your need to have certain cargo relocated at a certain time, not a day later. After you provide us with the essential information regarding when and where you would like the equipment to be relocated including special requirements you might have, we will start working on a plan immediately to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Why Should You Trust Us With Moving Your Heavy Equipment?

We understand that earning your trust takes time. If you’re searching for a reliable, professional moving service, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Moving Lane, we understand how important it is to be able to rely on a trusted company. We’ve worked hard to become that company.


We are a team of experts when it comes to heavy hauling services in Miami. Whether it’s nearby or a long-distance relocation, or if you’re planning to move any equipment soon, contact us to help you. We we’ll consider all the crucial elements and transport your heavy cargo safely to the desired location.

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