How to Sort Items in Your Garage

Almost everyone has a garage that is filled with lots of stuff. Throughout the years, you may have been collecting items. Your garage has unfortunately been used as a dumping ground without taking the time to organize your items. If you find yourself in this position, then it’s time to sort and clean that space. If you don’t have the time, there are moving companies that can help.

Now, although you hire a company, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You’ll still have to do some sorting so the professionals will know what to do. Put your stuff into four categories: keep, dump, donate, sell.

To Keep or Not To Keep?

The movers will sort the items you decide to keep and put them in appropriate packaging. Tools and equipment may require shelving or may be wall-mounted. So think about investing in some space savers for your new location. If you find items that are broken or in poor condition, put them in the dump pile immediately.

Not Using It? Then Donate or Sell It

There are many organizations that will be willing to accept donations of any kind. Clothing, furniture and small appliances that are in good condition are some of the common items. Before you move, make sure large or heavy equipment can fit in your new location. If not, you will need to decide on how to get rid of them. One common way is to have a garage sale of all your unwanted items.

What To Do With Chemicals?

If you realize that you have hazardous or flammable materials, chemicals and cleaning supplies, inform the moving company since they can provide you with a list of items that they do not move and those that they can dispose of for you. Let the professionals at Moving Lane do the work and take the stress away from you.

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