How Much Does it Cost to Hire Someone Move You?

If you’re planning to move, you’re probably under a lot of stress. You need to think about packing, finishing everything you need before you leave your job and current home, and transporting the things to your new abode.

If you’re thinking of hiring a professional moving company to transport your things to your new home, you should know approximately how much money you need to set aside for the services.

The cost of having someone move you depends on several things:

  • Where are you moving to? To a different city, state, or internationally?
  • How many items are you transporting? How big your house is?
  • Are you packing and unpacking your things yourself?
  • How many movers are you hiring?

Why Hire a Moving Company?

Busy individuals who don’t have the time to organize each stage of the move simply hire a moving company to handle every little step including packing and unpacking. Those that can spare the time to handle everything on their own (and live in a studio or a smaller apartment) can save some money on the move.

Moving companies will charge per hour to move your stuff locally. This is typically about $20 per hour per mover, but take into account that you will need to hire at least two people to move your things plus the truck. This can add up to about $100 per hour. If the movers finish everything in a couple of hours, you won’t spend more than a few hundred dollars. Provided you did all the packing yourself.

If you want the full service, this means an additional $20 or so per hour. If you live in a small home or a studio, you can expect to spend about $200 on the move.

A full long-distance moving service will cost significantly more. With long-distance moves, the price is per pound of goods. (less than $1 per pound). The more stuff you have, the higher the price. There are also travel fees and some additional costs.

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