Packing And Moving Service in Miami

Here are 5 tips for a quick transition to your new home:

Pack items by room and properly label the boxes. For example, toiletries, towels, and shower curtains could go together in a box labeled “Toilet area”. When you get to your new home, unpacking will be easy and less cumbersome. Have the right tools on hand to help you move items from the rooms to the vehicle. A few tools you will need are:

  • An upright utility dolly – you can put a lot of boxes and bags in stacks
  • Furniture sliders – they make it easier to move heavy and large items
  • Ropes – to pull heavy items

These tools will not only make moving faster but they will also put an ease on your back. No more heavy lifting!

Use clear jumbo bags to transport clothing and linen so you can see the contents in them. Or, you could bag clothing by type of by the owner and include the room they will be going to. Use old newspapers to secure your glasses and other glassware from the kitchen. Box your pots and pans in sets. Put utensils together so that when you unwrap them in your new home, it will be easy to store them away. Place stuffed toys and soft items in large clear bags. They should be packed on top of the heavier items in order to get enough space for other stuff.

These are a few tips to help you make that transition. Moving is a lot of work. But doing it in a smart way will assist you when you get to your new home. You could attempt to do it yourself or you can call in the professionals. Give us a call or message us to get you settled into your new home.