What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car?

Do you need to ship your car to a new location? There are countless companies offering vehicle shipping services so that you don’t need to worry about moving the car yourself. For many people, the budget is an obstacle. When it comes to the price of car shipping services, it’s not easy to name a price. This depends on a few factors:

  • What kind of car are you moving?
  • Where do you need to ship your car?
  • When do you need to ship your car?

If you’re moving the car far out of state, it will cost more, and so will shipping the vehicle during busy seasons. However, there is another major factor that impacts the price of the car shipping service: open container vs enclosed container.

Typically, shipping your car in an open container is more affordable. Hence the reason why open car carriers are the most popular option. You can save quite a few bucks if you choose to ship your car in an open container. But both options have their advantages.

Enclosed Containers 

Enclosed containers provide better protection. They protect the vehicle from weather conditions. So if you’re transporting a very precious, costly car, you’ll probably invest in this option. Enclosed containers tend to cost a lot more and they’re less common.

It all depends on your budget as well as your priority. If protecting the car from rain, snow, and road debris is the most important thing about this shipment, then you will have to spend up to 80% more money on enclosed container shipping.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to transport your car, look no further than open carriers. If you need help shipping your car, call us to work out a plan that is best for you! Request a free quote today!