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Transporting art is a delicate job and we can see why you’re worried. You don’t want your precious items to be damaged. With Moving Lane, a professional art moving company, there’s no reason for concern. We are trained and highly skilled at safely packing, loading, and moving fine art. We handle all types of fragile items whether they be big or small, and ensure that they are safely transported to your desired destination.


Handling fine art requires special skills and we are proud to say that we are no amateurs when it comes to this. All our team members have been trained in how to properly handle fragile and highly valuable items such as fine art.


If you need your sculptures, paintings, or other forms of art transported from your home or studio to a gallery or anywhere in the city or country, we are your team. We provide pickup and delivery services, shipping services, packing services, and loading services so that you don’t need to do anything. Rest assured that all your art will be cared for and safely moved to a gallery, conference, warehouse, home, or anywhere else you require.

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Why Should You Hire Moving Lane?

We know how important it is to you that your art collection is handled with care, and that it arrives safely to the desired destination. It is not a job everyone is equipped to do. Here at Moving Lane, we specialize in the careful handling of fine art. We handle both art packing as well as shipping to the location of an event, exhibition, or your new home.


Not only have we pass extensive training in how to pack and care for things when moving, but we have years of experience handling all sorts of unique, valuable items, big or small, carefully packing and unpacking them, loading and unloading, and shipping them to the destination of your choosing.


We ensure that your fine art is 100% protected from any damage. When you call us to help you with your art moving, we will arrive on time, safely pack, and ship them to where you need them to be.


Professional Service


Are you planning an exhibition far away? If you need our help to move your art to any location, just give us a call and we’ll design a plan for the safe transportation of your valuables. Customers love us for our professionalism. We are fast, efficient, and we arrive on time every time! Contact us now.

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