Appliance Moving Services

Appliance Moving

Appliances require special attention during moving. Each one has its own technical characteristics requiring special moving and transportation needs. That is why at Moving Lane, we offer you our professional appliance mover’s service to assure all your appliances will arrive at your destination safe and working perfectly.


What’s the Process?


When hiring our appliance mover’s service you can expect us to prepare each appliance to be transported. This includes unplugging your appliances, taping the doors shut, protect the electric cords, protect buttons, and cover them with padded moving blankets to prevent any damage.


Once they are ready, it is time to get them on their way to the moving truck. To do so, the movers will use their experience and equipment, such as dollies, to optimize the process and reduce the effort required to move these heavy items. Also, they will make sure to move them in the upright position, especially the refrigerator and washer & dryer machines, to prevent damages during the process. Lastly, our movers will efficiently organize them inside the truck.


The service optionally includes setting up your appliances at your new location so they’re ready to be used right away. You won’t have to do it yourself or worry about hiring someone else to do so.

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Why Should You Hire Appliance Movers?

Having a professional and experienced moving company taking care of your appliances will improve your moving experience, reduce costs due to appliance damage, and prevent you from getting injured.


If you want to make your moving process as smooth as possible, save money, save time, and avoid the stress and/or injuries that comes with moving, then call us to take care of this for you.


Why You Should Hire Moving Lane


Our moving company offers the most flexible pricing throughout South Florida. We are a professional and reliable company with over 20 years of experience. We’ll offer you an outstanding moving experience and take the stress off your shoulders. Become one of our satisfied clients today. For more information, contact us for a free quote.

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