4 Ways to Dispose of Confidential Documents

Sometimes we have confidential documents in your business that are no longer valid. This could include old employee records, medical reports, etc. When you are ready to dispose of them, Moving Lane can help. But before we get started, we would want you to shred the documents first. Then we will stop by your business and remove and dispose of them for you. So let’s discuss the process.

  1. Separate all documents that need to be shredded. Ensure the person who is preparing the items for shredding understands the confidentiality of all the documents.
  2. Your shredder may accommodate CDs and items other than paper so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions. This will ensure that the shredder does not stick or push out the papers. Use disposable gloves to protect your hands. A face mask can also be worn to protect you from the dust from the shredded papers.
  3. Use dark-colored jumbo garbage bags to store the shredded paper. Tie the top of the bags to avoid tampering. Stack the bags on top of each other to make space for all the bags. This is to ensure you have space to move around in the workplace before our movers arrive.
  4. Housekeeping in the workplace is most significant. Remove any shredded remnants from the floor and bag them. You don’t want to leave any sensitive pieces of information around.
  5. When you have completed all the shredding, give us a call. Have a member of your team available to make sure our movers take the correct bags for disposal.

When disposing of confidential documents from anywhere, ensure that you choose the right moving company. At Moving Lane, your documents are in safe hands. Our trained movers will take care of it for you so give us a call today or message us!