3 Things You Should Not Forget When Moving

Moving Tips To Remember –

Changing your mailing address and contact information is of paramount importance when you relocate. The following are three areas that are essential but can be easily overlooked.

1. Financial Institutions

It is important to notify your bank, credit card providers and other financial institutions of your plan to relocate. You may be able to transfer your account if your bank has a branch in the area in which you are moving. Or it may become necessary to use the online option or switch to a bank in your new area. Keeping your financial institutions in the know will ensure you receive statements or other documents in a timely manner.

2. Utility Services

Notify utility companies a few weeks in advance and schedule disconnection and installation appointments. You may have to pay off all overdue bills before you can conduct the transfers. Find out if you could transfer your utility services to your new location. If not, identify utility companies in your new area.

Make a list of your utilities so that you do not forget any of them. These will include gas, water, electric, sewer, cable, internet, phone and security systems. When the transactions are completed, double-check to make sure that your mailing address and contact information have been correctly updated.

3. Insurances, Subscriptions, etc.

If you have a car, life or other insurance policies, notify your insurance companies. Take note of mailed or hand-delivered newspaper or magazine subscription. Provide your new phone number and mailing address to pharmacies if you have recurring prescriptions. After all, you want to make sure your mail is sent to the correct address.

At Moving Lane, we want to ensure that your move is as seamless as possible. Take time to update your contact information while we handle the rest. Give us a call today or message us to schedule your next move.